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Our products are shipped from Florida, USA to any place within the Continental USA and its territories via our customer's carrier of choice.

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Churros & Crepes - Churro Parties

Dulce de Leche

churros machine trailer

new Tropicool Snowcone Machine

Unit Includes:
100% High-grade 304 surgical grade stainless steel construction
Insulated compartment with storage capacity for up-to 20, 1lb ice bags
Display for 6 different basic flavor syrup bottles
Manual ice crusher with a high productivity and very easy-to-use operating mechanism
Lower storage space equipped with door and parts to install pad lock
3-gal capacity fresh water tank
3-compartment sink with its own used-water tank
7ft round high-quality vinyl umbrella with the Tropicool® logo

Main Cabinet: 55"L X 22"W X 36"H
Top Unit (Syrup Module): 60"H
275lb weight
Up to 16 different fruit flavors, including "light" and "low-sugar"

wafflewaffle machineCommercial Waffle Machine


304 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel built, with capacity of 4 waffles every 4 minutes. 


The recipe for the waffle mix is included.

closed waffle

Crepelicia Machine
This machine is used for the production of “Stick Creps”. 
crepelicia machine

High Productivity and Easy to operate.
Capable of concurrently producing 12 large creps.
High-grade stainless steel structure. 
Equipped with dual long-lasting tubular heating elements for a fast, uniform, and persistent surface warm-up.
Exclusive channel system to protect unit from overflow of excess dough.
110V Creps are enjoyed at any time of the day.

crepe sharpesIt is a delicious fat-free snack that can be prepared with either sweet or salted fillings. Product Filling Variety

crepelicia machine 12"Salted"
Ham/Cheese; Chicken/Cheese; Mozzarella Cheese
Sausage/Cheese; Pepperoni/Cheese; Unlimited combinations

High Capacity Creps Machine…
Capacity to simultaneously prepare 12 creps.
• 110V, 1,600watts
Great for:
• Parties
• Buffets
• Fairs
• Activities requiring high production

Milk Caramel; Guava/Cheese; Chocolate/Coconut; Banana/Chocolate; Unlimited combinations environment

Two New Round Creps Machines.

  • 110v AC power or Gas
  • Great for Parties and Fairs

churro warmer 1

Churros Warmer

  • Heavy-Duty Food Grade Aluminum
  • 110/120vac, Energy Saver
  • Dimensions 18x18x24
  • Capacity:
    60 Cream-Filled Churros, or up to 120 thin churros
Churros warmer 2
churro warmer


box warmer
churro warmer

Warmer Specifications:

Special Multi-use Food Warmer made in Stainless Steel and Curved Safety Glass
110V Operated with Heavy-duty Electric Heating Element and Thermostat.
Equipment with one year full warranty.

two part warmer


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