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Our products are shipped from Florida, USA to any place within the Continental USA and its territories via our customer's carrier of choice.

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Churros FranchisesSales Representatives Needed:

Sales Representatives needed by State, and City. Distribution Companies preferred. Must be active, with proven success record, and verifiable experience in Products and Machinery Field Sales for the Food Industry. For more information, please contact us via phone, fax, or email us at .

MrChurrosUSA Franchises Available

Our franchise only requires of a small investment and produces considerable profit while keeping the process simple. That's why we call them "Money Making Machines".

Franchises are available for Shopping Malls, well-established businesses, or by the acquisition of a minimum of 1 unit by the same owner and to be operated in the same city. All franchises must meet our requirements and guidelines.

Franchising includes the use of our name and logo, initial uniforms (caps, shirts, gowns), promotional material, basic training, and discounts in the price of the raw material to produce and fill the Churros.

MrChurrosUSA Custom Art Available

Another valuable service to our customers is custom art for your Churros machine. Our Art Department will configure your unit(s), and install (or design and install) your own commercial logo brand.

This option is recommended if the MrChurros Franshise is already operating in your area. It also helps creating and jump starting your own business name, successfully introducing you to the lucrative and exciting Churros business from the very begining.

The service is offered as an option, at an extra charge depending on your machine selection and configuration, assuring an excellent and unique look with guaranteed professional installation.

Our product is totally guaranteed. The overall public consumes it year-round in different types of establishments. The product elaboration process is simple and is very profitable. For more information, please contact us via phone, fax, or email us at

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