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Our products are shipped from Florida, USA to any place within the Continental USA and its territories via our customer's carrier of choice.

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Churros & Crepes - Churro Parties

Dulce de Leche

churros machine trailer

churros cart dispenser oneChurro Cart Dispenser:

churros dispenser twoDesigned for operations where open/deep frying is not permitted.  Allows operator to bring freshly fried churros to the point-of-sale and keep them warm and ready to be cream-filled to order. 

When using our churromix, the product stays fresh for up to 4½ hours, keeping its texture, and original flavor.  Ideal for Malls, Fairs, Parties, and Special Events.

New Tabletop Products:
Our tabletop commercial grade, multi-use deep fryer is ideal for our Churros, French Fries, or any other products requiring perfect frying.

specs 100% 304-surgical grade stainless steel
specs Operates in 110VAC or 220VAC
spces Dimensions: 24” x 21½” x 12” (61 x 55 x 31 cm)
specs Weight: 31lbs (15kgms)


Also available is our stainless steel table…


100% 304-surgical grade stainless steel
Operates in 110VAC or 220VAC
Dimensions: 27½” x 27½” x 33½” (69½ x 69½ x 84 cm)
Weight: 34lbs (17kgms)

Our newly designed tabletop commercial churros machine can be installed and operated in restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, etc.

churros 5Specs:

Full capacity: 5lbs dough (2.5kgms)
Dimensions: 7” x 7” x 24” (18 x 18 x 61 cm)
Weight: 34lbs (17kgms)

Cream Fillers available separately. Installation hardware is also available to install 1-6 cream fillers.


compact churros machine4 New Churros Machines (Also see our Money Production Center!)
Compact Churros Machine

This compact unit is constructed with high grade stainless steel and can operate on gas or electricity. Installed in Cafeterias, Fast Foods, Coffee Shops and Cafe's will insure additional cash flow for your business.

Click here to enlarge picture | Technical Specifications

New and larger Cream Filled Churros Machine with additional space for chocolate, coffee, or fresh juice machine. Includes 20-liter capacity fresh water tank and a sink with its own used water tank.

Click here to enlarge picture | Technical Specifications

Churros cream fillersNew and larger unit with 3 Churros Cream Fillers.

Click here to enlarge picture | Technical Specifications

larger cream filledNew and larger Cream Filled Churros Machine with space for additional equipment or cash register.

Includes 20-liter capacity fresh water tank and a sink with its own used water tank.

churrosClick here to enlarge picture | Technical Specifications

large cart
Large production churro cart.

Production by hour. 1300 plain churros or 600 cream filled churros.

churro maker
15 lbs cylinder

Churros Machine created especially for Churros Shops, Cafeterias, Bars, Hotels, etc.

Available in Desktop and Wall Mount Units. Both units include versatile swinging supports (#1 in picture) to allow the use of multiple fryers as long as they are installed under the machine swing radius.

This equipment is totally made of sturdy stainless steel and is designed for continuous commercial operation. 3 different nozzles are available (#5 in picture) for different churros shapes.

Height: 4ft
Weight: 50lbs
Capacity: 2ltrs of Churros Mix

Click here for more churros makers.

churros cream fillersstrudel filler
churros counter

Over the Counter Churros Machine.

Great for Bakeries, Café's, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, etc.

Durable Stainless Steel,
110vac Electric Fryer
Air Extractor
Space for logo

Churros Mix
44 lbs Bulk Package

Ready to Mix, only add boiling water.
This is a product of maximum quality and yield.
Consistent and uniform dough with excellent flavor and texture is guaranteed. 
Yield is 13ea 7 x 1½-inch Churros per lb., which represents 572 Churros per package

3 with baseThree pieces set with base, ready to use in commercial stores & restaurants. Opreated with gas and electricity 110v or 220v Heavy-Duty construction made in Stainless Steel 304 surgical grade.
6 filler churros

Churros Compact CounterIdeal for Gas Stations, Bakeries, Coffee Shops...

This compact over the counter unit operates on 110vac and has one cream filling unit.

Dimensions: 28"Long, 22"Wide, 48"Tall

Technical Specifications

The last configuration is completely customizable to fit your needs. Pieces can be incorporate into a fixed cabinet, this works great in Bakeries, Existing Kitchens, or tailored installations.



Our Churro can be filled with more than 18 different and delicious cream flavors. Among the most popular fillings are Sweet Milk Caramel (Dulce de Leche), Chocolate, Guava & Cream Cheese, Bavarian Cream, and Apple & Spice.

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